A New Direction in Theatre

30 by Ninety Theatre


The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie
Directed by Laurie Bonura
Saturday January 5 at 11am and
Sunday January 6 at 1pm
Show Dates: March 9-24, 2019
Rehearsals will begin with a read-through January 17
Rehearsals will be Mondays-Thursdays at 7pm

Email 30byNinetyAuditions@gmail.com to RSVP for audition or with any questions.
Audition sides will be emailed after you RSVP.

Please be prepared to audition with a British accent.  The setting is 1950s South Wales near the Bristol Channel.  You must be able to play the ages shown.


Lost in the fog on a lonely road, a stranger seeks refuge in a nearby house, only to find himself stumbling onto the scene of a murder.  When the dead man’s wife confesses to the murder of her despised husband, the stranger agrees to provide her with an alibi. But who is he really protecting?  As the plot unfolds, it reveals loves, hates, family secrets, suspicions and intrigues. And in this seemingly open and shut case, nothing is what it appears to be.

Richard Warwick: Male, 30s-50s
Murdered man of the house.  No lines.

Laura Warwick: Female, 30s-40s
The attractive and caring wife of Richard Warwick. A longstanding sufferer of her husband's emotional abuse.

Michael Starkwedder: Male, 30s-40s
The lost traveler who happens upon the family murder. A shrewd and quick-thinking man of action.

Miss Bennett: Female, 40s-50s
Alert, brisk, and showing marks of the ex-hospital nurse, Benny is the loyal family caretaker and confidant.

Jan Warwick: Male 19
Richard's nineteen year old half-brother. Sweet, imaginative, and sly.  But also a bit slow and excitable in a way that caused Richard to torment the boy mercilessly.

Mrs. Warwick: Female, 50s-70s
Strong, domineering mother of the deceased and the commanding matron of the house. She holds no illusions about the monster her son had become and what he has done to the people she loves.

Henry Angell: Male, 40s-50s
Richard Warwick's personal valet and nurse-attendant. Not above blackmail.

Sergeant Cadwallader: Male, 20s-30s
A youngish man who who is on the police force, but would rather be writing poetry.

Inspector Thomas: Male, 40s-50s
Your typical English police inspector. He is keenly observant and sympathetic to the family's plight, but not at the expense of discovering the truth.

Julian Farrar: Male, 30s-40s
Next-door neighbor and good friend to Richard, Laura and the Warwicks. Handsome, smooth, and running to be the next Member of Parliament.