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A New Direction in Theatre

The Great Big Door Step
Directed by Tom Bubrig

March 10 at 6:30 PM

March 11 by Appointment Only

Email 30byNinetyAuditions@gmail.com to receive an audition packet.

Evvie Crochet – Female (Appears 15) – A pretty young girl innocent of the facts of life and destined (according to her mother) for the convent. Evvie’s goal is to have a lover, in the limited way she understands the concept, to renounce before she enters the convent.

Commodore – Male (Early 50’s) – The patriarch. He wears a denim jumper, splattered with patches of various shapes and hues. His plump stomach and well-fed look are in direct contrast to the rest of the family. With his pie-in-the-sky outlook, he is full of wild bravado as he fluctuates between scheming, laboring, and malingering.

Mrs. Crochet – Female (Mid-Late 30’s) – The annoyed-but-loving Commodore’s wife, she reigns as the queen of retort - toughened by years of making do and doing without. She is the mother of six children. She is wiry and quick in her movements, with a curious mixture of practicality and poetry in her character. She is warm and vital… the real strength around which the whole family revolves.

Topal Crochet – Female (Appears 17) – She has an air of discontent and a lack of self-confidence. She’s restless, sour, and moody, after recently being dumped by her fiancé.

Elna Crochet – Female (Appears 10) – Twin (not necessarily identical) of Fleece. Elna is never far from her mother talking and helping with household chores as much as she can. While dressed in faded overalls and sneakers, the Crochet family prides themselves on being scrubbed and clean.

Fleece Crochet – Female (Appears 10) – Twin (not necessarily identical) of Elna. Fleece is never far from her mother talking and helping with household chores as much as she can. While dressed in faded overalls and sneakers, the Crochet family prides themselves on being scrubbed and clean.

Arthur Crochet – Male (Appears 16) - Attempts to strike out on his own while dodging the coddling of his mother and the fury of his father. At time dejected almost to the point of tears and at other times anxious about his reception, especially from his father.

Mr. Tobin – Male (Early 30’s) – He is a lank, unprepossessing Texan. He is shy and mild in his speech and dresses plainly, but neatly.

Mrs. Dupre’ – Female – She is a small, energetic woman with sharp eyes that see everything. She wears a hat, skirt, and always carries an umbrella.

Tayo Delacroix – Male – He is a sturdily-built Cajun, young, good looking, and insolent, a walking advertisement for his barber shop. He carries a small black bag.

Dewey Crochet – Male (Late 40’s) – The younger brother of the Commodore. Always well-dressed and in a pilot’s cap. He’s a riverboat pilot and quite well-off compared to the Commodore’s family.

Mrs. Beaumont Crochet – Female – She is a florist from New Orleans. Dressed in city clothes, but rumpled, hot, and sunburned and out of patience.

A Depression-era comic masterpiece, The Great Big Doorstep centers on the Crochets, a Cajun family who live in a ramshackle house between the levee and the Mississippi River. The Crochets dream of one day owning a stately plantation befitting the magnificent cypress doorstep they have salvaged from the river and proudly display outside their humble home. Written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett (writers of It's a Wonderful Life and Parenthood), and based on a book by Louisiana writer E. P. O'Donnell.

The memorable characters in this novel have their own concerns: the patriarch, Commodo, is full of wild bravado as he fluctuates between scheming, laboring, and malingering; his wife reigns as the queen of retort, though toughened by years of making do and doing without.

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum
Director: Andrea Elu
Music Director: Jesse White
Choreographer: Kristi-Anne Lyons
Show Dates: June 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 Friday and Saturdays 8PM Sundays 2:30

Auditions: Saturday March 23 at 11:00 AM

- Prepare to perform 16-32 bars (about a minute) of any up tempo musical theater song you wish. Be sure to show off your acting as well as your singing ability! Accompaniment will not be provided.
- Please bring your own music prepared on a device and ready to play for your audition.
- A dance call will be held immediately following the vocal auditions. Please dress comfortably and have shoes appropriate for movement.
- Actors may also be asked to read from the script following the dance call.

Rehearsals will generally be held Monday through Thursday evenings beginning in May.

To register for auditions: Email 30byNinetyAuditions@gmail.com. Please include your contact
information and attach picture or headshot and resume if available.

Character List
Senex: (40-70) An older man, but one still attracted to wine, women, and song, Senex is the perennially henpecked husband.

Domina: (40-70) The battle-ax wife of Senex, Domina is not only domineering, but proud.

Hero: (18 -30) The handsome son of Senex and Domina, Hero is a lovesick juvenile who schemes with Pseudolus how he can win the hand (and body) of Philia.

Hysterium: (35 – 55) Chief slave in the House of Senex. . Loyal, frantic, and frenetic, Hysterium believes he is in control, but is actually Pseudolus’ puppet to carry out his schemes and help him in his plots.

Pseudolus: (30+) Playful comic ringmaster of the show. A slave of Hero, Pseudolus is sly, conniving, and willing to do anything for his freedom, leading to a deal with Hero that if the slave can win Philia for his master, his master will, in turn, grant his freedom.

Philia: (18-30) Still a virginal girl, the beautiful and young and devoted, but vacant, Philia belongs to Lycus and is a courtesan-in-training, already contracted to be sold to Miles Gloriosus. She and Hero, however, are in love.

Lycus: (40 – 55) The owner of the courtesans. Slimy and lecherous, he takes a businesslike care of
his concubines and is always out to make a profit.

Erronius: (50+) A befuddled old man who is partially blind and always confused, Erronius spends
most of the play bemoaning his two children who were kidnapped by pirates years ago.
Miles Gloriosus: (25 – 40) A roman soldier, Miles Gloriosus is manly, handsome, strong—and

Courtesans: (18+) Women who work in the House of Marcus Lycus. Acting, dancing, and vocal skills needed - Special skills a plus.

Tintinabula: “the face of an idol . . . the arms of a willow tree . . . and the pelvis of a camel.”

Panacea: “a face that holds a thousand promises, and a body that stands behind each promise.”

The Geminae: Twin courtesans. “A matched pair. Either one a divinely assembled woman, together
an infinite number of mathematical possibilities.”

Vibrata: “exotic as a desert bloom . . . wondrous as a flamingo . . . lithe as a tigress . . . for the man whose interest is wildlife.”

Gymnasia: “a giant stage on which a thousand dramas can be played.”

Proteans: (18+) Multiple support roles, dancers, soldiers etc. Acting, dancing, and vocal skills
needed – a talent for broad comedic schtick a plus!