Mayor Donald Villere

​Maureen Heaslip

Olivia Maurer

Bob and Rhonda Sigillito

JoBeth and Michael Valentino

​Rai Lynne Jarabica

Barbara Morrison

Kelly Kildahl

​Ann Lichtenstein

Steven, Ashley & Maci Eilers

​Anthony Roselli


Michael Helm
Judith Bostwick
Nicole Brodsky
Cindy Hemm

​Mark & Shannon Olivier

​Tammy M. Whitehead

​Tammie Chaplain

Wade Savoy

​Bill & Bridget Rusche

​Paul & Janell Bannon

​​Herbie, Misty, Carson and Millie Thorpe

​Karen & Carl Rewerts

2018-19 MEMBERS

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Ross and Tina Richardson

Thomas and Cathy Bubrig

Jan Gardner

​Susan & Bob Kaufman

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