Important Dates
January 12th - In Person Team Registration
February 9th-10th - Round 1 Competition
February 10th-11th - Round 2 Competition
February 15th - Awards Ceremony

12 teams will be allowed to compete. You should come up with a team name prior to registration. There is no age limit to participate. The team will include a maximum of 6 actors. Individuals are not allowed to compete on more than one team. The team should include roles such as writers, directors, actors, prop/costume wranglers, and stage managers.

At least one member of the team must come to the theater in-person to register the team on Saturday, January 12th between noon and 2pm. Registration will be first come first served. No more than 12 teams will be registered. As each team registers, for as long open slots last, they can choose to be a part of Group A, performing on Saturday or Group B, performing on Sunday. These spots will also be given out on a first come, first serve basis. There is a $100 registration per team that must be paid upon registration. More team members may be added after registration.

The Rules
Teams will be split into 2 groups. Group A will receive their instructions on Friday February 9th at 6pm. At least one member of the team must be present to randomly draw from 6 possible genres and performance order. At this time, each team lead will also be instructed on the required elements for each play. The teams will write, block, costume, and rehearse their plays for the next 24 hours. They will rehearse in their own space and will not have access to the theatre stage until the performance. Actors, costumes, props, and directors should all be at the theatre again by 6:30pm Saturday, February 10th. At 8pm, all teams from Group A will perform their plays for an audience and for 3 judges. Group B will receive their instructions on Saturday, February 10th at 12:30pm, and will arrive at the theater by 1pm on Sunday to perform a 2:30 matinee.
Each team will also be required to turn in a script before performances. The only light cues allowed will be blackouts. Director or SM may watch from the booth and call the blackout cues. All team members who wish to watch the plays must purchase a ticket to sit in the audience.
Required Play Elements: (revealed at start of 24 hours)
Length: must be between 8-12 minutes
Genre: randomly drawn at start of competition (different for each team within a Group)
Set/Setting: all plays will take place in the same setting and use the same set
Prop: one prop will be required to be used during the play
Character: one character with a specific name and occupation must be included
Line of Dialogue: one specific line of dialogue must be included in the script

Prizes and Awards:
3 Judges will score all of the plays and determine one Grand Prize Winner. That team will earn a cash prize of $250. The judges will also choose winners for awards in the following categories: Best Script, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Directing, Best Costumes, and Best use of required Prop, Character, and Line of Dialogue. There will also be a People’s Choice Award voted on by each audience.


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